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Created to preserve a genealogical record centered around the family of Leo and Mary (Leddy) Abair and their nine children, Alan, John, Bob, Marilee, Chris, Carol, David, Mark and Phil.

It expands into many other local families:

Nicolas Hubert

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Peter B. Leddy
1806 -1887

The genealogy information is presented here in a series of linked web pages containing either descendant or ancestral tables.  In an individual's descendant table their known children occupy cells within their table, descending down through the generations. In an individual's ancestral table their two parents each occupy a cell above the individual's cell, ascending up through the generations.

Recording this kind of information using standardized HTML is simple, and makes it accessible to anyone with a web browser. Making the content available on the internet will allow family members to view and submit information,  resulting in a dynamic database of  family lineage which could be maintained for the benefit of future generations.

Thanks to Leo Abair  and Mark William Abair for much of the Abair family content, and to John T. Leddy  for the extensive research he did on the Leddy family.

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