The following table identifies the known descendants of Michael LEDDY.

Peter B. LEDDY ...
Michael LEDDY
  • born 4Sep1849 in Shelburne, VT
  • died/buried 14Dec1916 in Underhill Center, VT
  • Democrat in VT Legislature c.1908
  • married Mary A. GILL
    - born 1849 in Mineville, NY
    - died 11Jun1884 in Underhill Center, VT
    John T. LEDDY
    • born 1880 in Underhill Center, VT
    • died 1936 in Burlington, VT
    • buried in Underhill Center, VT
    • married Anna MARLOW
      born 1875 in Underhill
      - died 1930
      Bernard Joseph LEDDY (Ancestral Table)
      • born 1910 in Underhill, VT
      • died 9Jan1972 in Burlington ,VT
      • 7Days article: It's a Family Affair
      • married Johannah M. MAHONEY
        born 1908
        Ann LEDDY
        Johannah L. LEDDY
        John T. LEDDY
        James P. LEDDY
        Mary E. LEDDY
      Mary Agnes LEDDY - LUCK
      • born 30Dec1911 in Underhill Center, VT
      • died 11May1993 in Port Charlotte, FL
      • buried in So. Burlington, VT
      • married Bill LUCK
        Nancy Jane LUCK
        Michael Frederick LUCK
      Frances LEDDY - McGARRY
      • born 1913 in Underhill Center, VT
      • died 8Mar1995 in Port Charlotte, FL
      • buried in So. Burlington, VT
      • married Hanley McGARRY
        Michael McGARRY
        Peter McGARRY
        Stephen McGARRY
    Rose Anne LEDDY - DORAY
    • married Dr. Peter Leo DORAY (DOREY) in 1905
    • settled in Middlebury VT
    • died at 42 of TB
    Muriel Cecilia DORAY - NEWTON
    • married Clarence NEWTON in Middlebury, VT
    Ruth Frances DORAY - QUESNEL
    • born 2Jan1917 in Middlebury VT
    • married Aurele Henry QUESNEL in Middlebury, VT
      - died 1995
    • died 28Jan2015 (obituary)
    Alice Paulita DORAY - ESTEY
    • married _ ESTEY
      Fenwick ESTEY
    Mary Margaret Lucille DORAY - ONEY
    • married William ONEY in 1935 in Middlebury, VT
    Catherine Ellen DORAY
    Gerald Leo DORAY
    • married Ruth Agnes WILSON in 1932
    Patricia Elizabeth DORAY - MARSTON
    • married _ MARSTON
    Mary LEDDY
    • born 1884 in Underhill, VT
    • died 4Sep1884 in Moriah, NY (at age 3 mos. 10 days) of Cholera Infantum
    • Her mother Mary GILL may have died in childbirth, and child went to stay with mother's relatives.
  • married Maria CALE
    - born 1847
    - died 1925 in Burlington, VT
    Mary Elizabeth LEDDY
    • born 1887 in Underhill, VT
    • died 1966 in Burlington, VT

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