The following table identifies the known descendants of Leo Russell HÉBERT ABAIR.

Nicolas HUBERT ... Paul HUBERT ... Pierre Paul HUBERT HÉBERT ... Joseph HUBERT HÉBERT ... Francois HUBERT HÉBERT ... Joseph HUBERT HÉBERT .... Erinibert Lambert HÉBERT ... Horatio HÉBERT ...  Edouard Michel HÉBERT ABAIR 

Leo Russell HÉBERT ABAIR (ancestral table)
Alan Thomas ABAIR
  • born 13Jun1943 Burlington, VT.
  • married Linda Lee LAUNDRIE 6Jun66 Burlington, VT
    - born 22Oct1946  St Albans VT
    Brian Scott ABAIR
    • born 2Aug1966 in Burl
    • with Julie Anne GILES
      Emily Elizabeth ABAIR
      • born 7Jun1989 in Burl.
    • married Michelle SWANSON 22Oct2005 So. Burlington, VT
      (Wedding Slideshow)
      Christopher SWANSON
      Camden Russell ABAIR
      • born 29Jun2005 in Burlington, VT.
    Sara Beth ABAIR
    • born 26Jan1968 to Linda Lee LAUNDRIE Burlington, VT
  • married Lucy Carey SHEA 20Jun1968 in CA
    - born 4Oct1946  Burlington, VT
    - to William IRELAND SHEA  and Lucy CAREY
    • born 31May1969 in Santa Monica CA
    • married Daniel Yvon MARCHESSAULT 20Jul1996  Burlington, VT
      - born 27Dec1966 in St Albans VT
    • Twins designed Burlington flag!
      Owen Ernest MARCHESSAULT
      • born 19Mar2005 Burlington, VT
      Lucas Alan MARCHESSAULT
      • born 19Mar2005 Burlington, VT
John Edward ABAIR
  • born 22Oct1946 Burlington, VT
  • married Mary Elizabeth MACK 9Aug1969
    - born 13May1947
Michael John ABAIR
  • born 25Nov1973
  • married Lisa Marie GOTTSTEIN 27Nov2004 Burlington, VT
    Calan ABAIR
    • born 2010
Heidi Marie ABAIR - LITTLE
  • born 13Jan1977 in Burl
  • m/d.Benjamin George RANDALL 8Nov2003 Underhill, VT
    Michaela Elizabeth RANDALL
    • born 13Oct2005
    Addison Lin RANDALL
    • born 19Dec2009
  • married Aaron LITTLE 30Sep2017 Jericho, VT
Robert Leddy ABAIR
Lee Leddy ABAIR
  • born 29Sep1973 in Quantico, VA
Marilee Ann ABAIR - CAIN
  • born 18Mar1949 Burlington, VT
  • married William James CAIN 20Jun1975 in Colchester, VT
    - born 10May1950 Burlington, VT
    - to Francis CAIN and Mary Jane ALLEN
David Abair CAIN
  • born 29May1978 Burlington, VT
  • married Sandra Nicole O'FLAHERTY 7Jul2007 in Montpelier, VT
  • Avery and Marina Slideshow
    Avery CAIN
    • born 25Mar2010
    Marina Rosalie CAIN
    • born 10Apr2012
Anne Elizabeth CAIN
  • born 22Apr1980 Burlington, VT
  • m/d. Christopher KENNY 2009/2017
    Colin David KENNY
    • born 8Jan2013
    Ella CAIN
    • born 3Dec2015
Christopher James ABAIR
Carrie Ann ABAIR
  • born 3Jan1970 Burlington, VT
Casey Joseph ABAIR
  • born 21Aug1975 Burlington, VT
  • with Jennifer SICARD
    Alexander SICARD
    Eli Liam Joseph ABAIR
    • born 4Aug2011
    Isaac Grady Leo ABAIR
    • born 30Aug2012
  • born 18Oct1951 Burlington, VT
  • m/d. Peter CLAVELLE 19May1973 Colchester, VT
    - born 10May1949 in Winooski
  • married Joseph Reed KETCHAM 23Dec93 Colchester, VT
    - born 24Sep1958 in Essex Jct, VT
Matthew Leddy KETCHAM
  • born 13Apr1994 Burlington, VT
David Leo ABAIR
  • born 2Nov1955 Burlington, VT
Mark Philip ABAIR
  • born 25Apr1957 Burlington, VT
  • married Shirley Ann (Sam) MAYNARD 4Dec1983 in Colchester, VT
    - born 14Apr1955 Burlington, VT
  • with Lisa _
    Lydia ABAIR
    • born May2005 Burlington, VT
    Kalvin ABAIR
  • married Tiffany BERGERSON

    Journey ABAIR

    • born 2012
Mark Philip ABAIR
  • born 23May1984 in Burl.
  • married Lydia SOUTHWORTH 14Aug2015
    Emma Amelia ABAIR
    • born 1Feb2017
Ashlee Leddy ABAIR
  • born 23Mar1988 in Burl
  • with Justin Robert HARRIS
    Amaya Lee ABAIR
    • born 17Mar2012
Philip Donald ABAIR
  • born 8Oct1959 Burlington, VT
  • married Julie Ann McCABE 29Sep1984 in Colchester, VT
    - born 7May1958 Burlington, VT
John McCabe ABAIR
  • born 11Jul1986 Burlington, VT
Heather Lee ABAIR - CAYOLE
  • born 6Oct1987 Burlington, VT
  • married Christopher CAYOLE 8Sep2017 Burlington, VT

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