The following table identifies the known descendants of Peter James LEDDY.

Peter B. LEDDY ...
Peter James LEDDY
  • born 15Aug1853 in Shelburne, VT
  • died 23Feb1928 in Underhill, VT
  • buried St. Thomas Cemetary, Underhill Center, VT
  • a carpenter
  • Democrat in VT Legislature in 1921
  • picture gallery
  • married Elizabeth LYNCH 14Jan1880 in Underhill,  VT
    Mary Laura LEDDY
    • born 1880 in Underhill, VT
    • died 1965 in Burlington, VT
    • buried St. Thomas Cemetary, Underhill Center, VT
    • nurse; her poetry
    • Harold and Gerald WILDER lived with her at 78 Monroe St. Burlington, VT
    • biography
    George Albert LEDDY
    Bernard James LEDDY
    • born 1886 in Underhill, VT
    • died 1898 in Burlington, VT
    • buried in Underhill, VT (Obituary)
    Margaret Ellen LEDDY - WILDER
    • born 1889 in Underhill, VT
    • died 1950 in Burlington, VT
    • married Joseph WILDER of Bellows Falls, VT in Burlington 8Nov1921
      Virginia WILDER - CHICOINE
      • married CHICOINE
        Gary CHICOINE
        Gail CHICOINE
        Lynn CHICOINE
        Brian CHICOINE
        Joanne CHICOINE
      Harold WILDER
      Jerald (Gerald) WILDER
    Thomas Michael LEDDY
    • born 1893 in Underhill, VT
    • died 1963 in Livermore, CA
    Florence Marie LEDDY - MOORE
    • 17Aug1896 in Underhill, VT
    • died 17Oct1960 in Essex Jct., VT
    • buried St. Thomas Cemetary, Underhill, VT
    • married Emil MOORE
      Mary Margaret MOORE - AUDETTE
      • born 26Mar1920 in Fitchberg, MA
      • died 19Feb2001 in Daytona Beach, FL
      • buried 18Aug2001 St. Thomas Cemetary, Underhill, VT
      • Teacher, Masters in ESL
      • married Jean Marie Robert (John) AUDETTE
        Valerie Ann AUDETTE - HALL
        • born 28Feb1947 Burlington, VT
        • married Robert Richard HALL (descendant details), 21Jun1969
        • A UVM, Summa Cum Laude, zoology, 1969
        • MA Boston University 1984
        • PhD UMass Dartmouth, 2014 (Marine fisheries oceanography)
        • high school science teacher at Burlington HS, then Bellows Falls Middle School, middle and high school science teacher, Nantucket, 1976-2004
          Emily Laura HALL
          • born 11Oct1985
          Julia Helen HALL
          • born 28Sep1987
        Melanie AUDETTE - YOUNG
        • born 18Oct1950 in Burlington, VT
          Catherine Elizabeth YOUNG
          • born 25Aug1991 in Orlando, FL
        John Anthony (Tony) AUDETTE
        • born 7Jul1954 in El Paso, TX
        Damian Paul (Danny) AUDETTE
        • born 14May1957 in Morocco
      Bernard MOORE
      • married Sue SPAGNA
        Roseann MOORE
        Susan MOORE
        Joey MOORE
        Mary E. MOORE
        Shawn Kyle MOORE
      Elizabeth MOORE - FRASER
      • born 3May1924 in Burlington, VT
      • died 21Nov1990 (obituary) in Colchester, VT
      • buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Colchester, VT
      • married Paul FRASER  (obituary)
        Paul FRASER
        Philip FRASER
        Mary FRASER
        Christopher FRASER
      • Our Lady of Ephesus
      Theresa R. MOORE - HAWLEY
      • married Fred HAWLEY
        Bartholomew HAWLEY
        Becky HAWLEY
        Matthew HAWLEY
        Marcie HAWLEY
    Bernice Catherine LEDDY
    • born 30May1901 in Underhill, VT
    • died 9May1903 in Underhill, VT
    • buried St. Thomas Cemetery,Underhill Ctr., VT
    Dorothy Alice/Ellen LEDDY
    • born 22Sep1904 in Underhill, VT
    • died 30Jun1923 in Underhill, VT

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