The Crowe and Stephenson Family Photo Gallery

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Crowe Family Group, ca. 1912
Fan Crowe Hill - Hannah Crowe Green - Oakley Green - Mary Ann Cowe - Robert William Crowe
Abel Robert Crowe - Abby Crowe Grenier - Bessie Crowe Reed - Donald Reed - Albert Grenier
Azelma Greene - Adelma Grenier - Robert Crowe (seated)
unknown - Abel Reed - Lucy Woodworth - unknown

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Crowe Family Group

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Robert Crow(e)

Betsy Fairbanks-Crowe

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John Franklin Stephenson

Cora Mariah Janes - Stephenson

Pearl Bryant Stephenson

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Mary Ann Morey and Abel Crowe

Mary Ann Crowe with Robert William

Robert William Crowe, 3 yrs. old

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Cora Alice Stephenson - Crowe

Robert William Crowe

Cora and Robert W. Crowe, 1915

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Cora Phyllis Crowe

Cora Phyllis Crowe

Robert & John Crowe

John Raymond Crowe

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Robert, Gwennie & John

Robert, Gwen, John & Cora

Gwendolyn & Robert Crowe

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Cora & Margaret Crowe

Cora, Blanche Knowles,
Margaret, & Katherine Knowles

Mother Cora, Robert, John,
Gwennie, Cora, and Margaret

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Gwen, Cora & Margaret

Margaret & Cora

Grampa Stephenson, Mother Cora & John,

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Sheldon Creek First and Second Grade – 1931
Back Row:  (unknown), Raymond Machia, (unknown), Herman Reynolds, Kenneth Hill, Elton Montgomery, Ruth Tanner, Hugh Gorton, Robert Greenwood, Beverly Conant

Middle Row:  Margaret Crowe, Maurice Jutras, Isabelle Greenwood, Ruby Freddie Bergeron, (unknown), Helen Turner, Phyllis Sweet, Hortense Menard, Moses Jutras.
Front Row:   Jean Raymond, Jackie Coulomb, Hester Clapper, Ruth Machia, Irene Bergeron, (unknown - two brothers), Edith Burns, Edmond Desrosier.

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The Berry Pickers at theCrowe Hill Farmstead

Seated: Cora Janes Stephenson, Eva (had encephalitis)
Standing: Helen, Lucy, Blanche at the
Lowell Farmhouse, early 1900’s

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Margaret and Cora Crowe Gwendolyn Crowe

Alice and Robert

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Old Fairbanks House, Crowe Hill, built 1804

The Big House, Crowe Hill, ca. 1950

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Peter Crowe and Bill Davies on Metcalf Pond

Camp, with Alice and Robert behind the trees

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Gram – Alice Stephenson Crowe – at Metcalf Pond

Robert Crowe