Enjoy some highlights from the March 11th Irish Arts Performances held at the College Street Congregational Church where Fellow Traveler, a Vermont-based traditional Irish band, hosted an evening of Irish music, poetry and dance featuring Vermont artists.

Casey Abair (fiddle), Matt Leipert (pipes), and Scott Wilson (guitar) played some traditional Irish tunes. John Murry, from County Kildare Ireland, sang a couple Irish ballads. Fellow Traveler - Anthony Santoro, (pipes), and Scott Wilson (banjo) - and friends Ben Wang (fiddle), Eric Everson (guitar/sound), and Jim Curtin (flute) were joined by Step Dancers from the McNeish School of Irish Dance.  All joined together to finish the evening in session.

The show was MC'd by Chris Abair who performed the poetry of his grandfather and grandaunt George Albert Leddy and M. Laura Leddy.

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